Born in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan, Shinichi Ola Takahashi had always seen art as ambiguous.  While working as a graphic designer, he became captivated by “Nihon-ga” (Japanese-style paintings).  He then began to focus on “Jigoku-E” (hell scenes). As Shin traversed the world of art and painting he had soon met important mentors.  After his first exhibition in Tokyo, he moved in 1974 to Hawaii to become a pupil of Jean Charlot, a well-known Hawaii mural artist.  With the support of the Charlot family, Shin began exhibiting his art in Hawaii.  Since then one of his paintings has been placed in the State Capitol after being purchased by the Hawaii State Foundation for the Arts.  Shin’s current style now focuses on oil and acrylic materials utilizing his uniquely-created “Nihon-ga” method. He proceeds to develop new pieces at his residence in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently, Shin has continued to follow the vista that his ancestors speak through his brush as his pieces portray “Dynamic Equilibrium”. 

Exhibition History
1947: Born in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.
1971: Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
1974: Moved to Hawaii to become student of Jean Charlot.
1975: Exhibit at "The Dump" on King Street.
1976: Exhibit at Honolulu Hale (City Hall) "Discoveries" exhibition.
1976: One man show, at Positively King Street.
1977: Exhibit at Honolulu Hale (City Hall) "Drawing and Prints" 
1977: Exhibit and poetry reading with Kimie Takahashi, Manoa Valley Theater (HLAC)
1978: Exhibit "Painting and the Art of Concrete Poetry," Queen Emma Gallery
1978: Given the middle name "Ola" by Abraham Piianaia, Native Hawaiian scholar, professor of geography at the University of Hawaii.
June, 2013: Solo Exhibit at "Stand Up Eight" on King Street.
February, 2014: Exhibit at "Stand Up Eight" on King Street.
April, 2014: Exhibit at Midkiff Learning Center, Kamehameha School “Shinichi Takahashi & Westlake Concrete Poetry”.
May, 2014: Exhibit at Fishcake “KAKA'AKO water, land, people”
June, 2014: Exhibit at Gallery ‘Iolani WCC  “Westlake Art Invitational Reception”.
May, 2018: Exhibit at Hawaii State Art Museum "50 artists, Art in Time 2018" *SOLD
May, 2020: Exhibit at Hawaii State Art Museum "50 artists, Art in Time 2020" *SOLD
July, 2020: Exhibit at Fishcake "Dynamic Equilibrium"

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