Size 30"x40"_SOLD_
Size 16"x20"
Size 12"x16"
Size: 11" x 14"
Prologue : Size 16"x20" _SOLD_

Artist Talk @fishcake, July 12, 2020

The “Kumulipo” chanted the divine origin of the Hawaiians down to each organism's DNA. It was not a simple structure that impacted change, but it was the molecule's steady flow of dynamics. Along with the “Kumulipo”, this series of paintings have been inspired by a Japanese writer and scientist,  Dr. Fukuoka and his book “Dynamic Equilibrium”. This novel introduces scientist Dr. Rudolf Schoenheimer who preached the phrase “state of dynamic equilibrium”. Heimer has proved repeatedly the theory that all the molecules consumed by an organism stays in a continuous state of chemical renewal and everlasting change. He had commited suicide before DNA had even been discovered to the world in 1941. Molecular biology and genealogy has continuously proved that the rhythm of composition and destruction is not only manifest in the birth and death of living organisms, but the very essence of sentience. We can not overlook such a biological theory in this day and time, as a global pandemic continues to maunder through nations. Activity of art has a similarity; it is simply not a skill, form of composition or material. It is how effective you can express your heart and disposition through an empty canvas. Every act of creation is an act of composition that will decompose itself time and time again.
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